More than 20 years ago, the psychologist Arthur Aron succeeded in making two strangers fall in love in his laboratory. Last summer, I applied his technique in my own life, which is how I found myself standing on a bridge at midnight, staring into a man’s eyes for exactly four minutes. Let me explain. Earlier […]
Is there a formula—some mix of love, work, and psychological adaptation—for a good life? For 72 years, researchers at Harvard have been examining this question, following 268 men who entered college in the late 1930s through war, career, marriage and divorce, parenthood and grandparenthood, and old age. Here, for the first time, a journalist gains […]
My wife and I were lying in bed after making love one morning—okay, I know that must sound very sophisticated and child-free, but this was an exceptional morning: Our daughter had spent the night at a friend’s house, and my teenage son was not yet out of bed. Anyway, there we were, as close to […]
Not long ago, I was at a dinner party with several couples in their 40s, all married except for my boyfriend and me. The mood was jovial until, over dessert, one guest made an offhand joke about Internet porn. His wife took issue, and during a tense back-and-forth between them, the rest of us sensed […]
Picking the perfect place for a first date can be tricky. Sometimes, the perfect place can warm your date up and take it to the next date, and at other times, it can end your date midway. Find out the best places to go on a first date. Here are the answers to a Lovepanky […]
Finding someone attractive or falling in love is easy. But staying in love, and cruising through the roads of a long term relationship is the difficult part. See this long term relationship poll to know what the Lovepanky readers had to say about what really matters most in a long term relationship. What matters most […]
When it comes to guys with commitment issues, they’re not so easy to make yours. Here’s how to get him to commit to you even if he’s reluctant. It’s not really new information that guys have more commitment problems than girls. Sure, women can have them too but the majority of the time, guys aren’t […]