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AJU ELUMELU OFFICIALLY LAUNCHES AJU 2 KOBO SKITS ON YOUTUBE: The Actual SKITS: My name is Mary-Jane Elumelu-James. I decided to produce skits that would address many societal issues that commonly occur in Nigeria. These skits will touch the very fabric of our lives. I particularly saw a need to create a concept that reflects […]
If you’re an empath, you understand the struggle. Being an empath in a relationship can be amazing… but it can also be really hard. Here’s why. Relationships are hard as it is. That’s just the way they work. Two people figuring out life together isn’t easy and being an empath in a relationship is even […]
We’re all attached to our phones, but it’s not going to help us grow and become better people. But books will. These are 15 books every woman should read. Judy Blume. Her books when I grew up changed who I was. They talked about issues that all young girls think about. Issues that I experienced. […]
There’s a time and place for nearly everything. Is playing hard to get with a guy one of them? Here’s the truth you really need to know. I’ll be honest; sometimes playing hard to get with a guy can work. However, it won’t make anything last. You might initially snag a guy by playing hard […]
When it comes to having sex for the first time, everyone is different. But how many dates before sex should you really wait? We can help you decide. The first time you have sex is a pretty big deal. You’re getting intimate with someone physically for the first time and that’s a little scary. You’re […]