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We have a unique approach to romantic relationships—we think they should be easy. Yet, we encounter so many couples who tell us that their relationships are hard work. Why do these people stay in such relationships? Two basic reasons. 1) They prefer the known to the unknown. 2) They believe that they have lessons to […]
We spend most of our lives looking for the right woman, yet when we find her, we hesitate. We fail to take that necessary step before we can truly call her our own. What exactly that step may be varies between couples, just as it varies between the stages in any relationship. You’d think that […]
I’d had serious relationships before meeting my fiancé, with a couple lasting for years. I thought I was an adult; I thought I knew how to be a great girlfriend. Meeting someone I had a serious connection with taught me that nothing I had experienced before was real. True love feels different than casual relationships […]
Have you ever wondered why men go silent? I know every woman at sometime in her life has wondered the real answer to his “lack of communication.” If you’ve ever wondered, asked, or talked about anything below then I’m urging you to read on because I’m going to give you the real truth behind his […]
hen a man gets caught up in his feelings quickly—too caught up—which head is actually leading his emotions and dialogue? Just because a guy will make you feel sexually desired—before ever having sex with you, and will act like he is emotionally invested in you—after knowing you for a short time—doesn’t mean that he wants […]
The attraction is there, and he seems like a genuinely good guy. He seems caring, kind, appreciative, and affectionate. He calls and texts, and the chemistry is there, yet he will not share his heart and darts from commitment. How often have you heard one of your girlfriends complain about a guy they are dating […]
Have you ever heard people say, “Relationships take a lot of hard work. You’ve got to put in loads of word and loads of effort all the time otherwise your relationship won’t work”? Luckily for us men, those people are wrong. They’re completely wrong. I’ll give you an example… Three Different Types of a Guys […]
Right before I got married I read Things I Wish I’d Known Before We Got Married by Gary Chapman. There is a great list of “flags” to go through in conversation with your significant other before, and even after, you marry. I believe most sources of conflict in marriage can be worked out so I […]