Married Woman Goes On Sex Rampage 18 Years Into Her Marriage

Every now & then you come across a story that will leave you with your mouth opened in disbelief. Just when you think you have heard it all in this lovely universe, a married couple decides to put their marriage on hold and go out and play the field. Alright now I am all in favor of playing the field, but isn’t that not an option once you’re married?!?!?!

I would like to introduce to you the most legendary chick of all time. Robin Rinaldi, married for close to 18 years, this chick decided to go on a 12 month open marriage bang fest. She was apparently bored with her marriage so she bought an ad that said she was seeking casual “Encounters” with new people, Aka Time to go back to college days when I got stuffed in the football house on a weekly basis.

She mentions in the video how she was tired of being a good girl so she decided to just spread them wide and welcome all willing and able bodied individuals. Robin claims to have had 12 different affairs that she will never forget…. 12?!?!?!

If this isn’t the most ridiculous thing you have ever heard I don’t know what is

I’m probably gonna buy this chicks book just so that I can learn more about this wild story.